With our K-9 training process, you develop a winning team! Here are some examples of our work out in the field. Our dogs detect the leaks in buried pipeline enabling our clients to take immediate, informed action to repair said leak. The repairs are made on the surface at the precise location of the leaking buried pipeline, saving time and money.

Our program helps you develop a lasting team with your dog. We help you foster the working relationship you need to be successful in this field. You will benefit from our industry experts as you go through our comprehensive program and develop a team ready for success. Once you have taken our course we guarantee you will know the process of how to operate in the field of K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection, using dogs to detect leaks in buried Natural Gas and Oil Pipelines.

  • Learn from industry experts in real-life example situations.

  • Learn to work with our industry leading molecular microcosmic surface scent.

  • Gain the skills needed to build your own business with our proven experience.

  • Followup training and custom one-on-one sessions are available to our graduates.

  • Pipeline Leak Detection Dogs are priced and sold at $8,500 per dog. 

K-9 Pipeline Training Academy in Action

Some photos from our work out in the field, our training grounds and activities.