K-9 Puppy Training Academy specializes in the imprinting and establishment of a loving and obedient relationship between pup and owner. 


Basic K9PTA 101

1. Obedience heel, sit, stay, down and come.
2. On lead heeling
3. Potty Training
4. Socialization start up
5. Introduction to crate training

Advanced K9PTA 102

1. Hand Signals for obedience commands. On and off lead
2. Understanding commands in addition to English (select one) in French, German or Dutch
3. Vehicle rides and etiquette while inside a vehicle.
4. Advanced crate training for sleeping and when owner is not present
5. No Jumping on persons or on Bed
6. Introduction to swimming
7. Proper behavior while grooming is being conducted
8. Veterinarian Visits
9. Medication taking
10.Advance Socialization to include stores, parks and offices